2018 Wrap Up

Huh, what a year has it been! I hope you all had a great time during Christmas and you spent New Year just as you wanted, either was it with your closest family, friends or maybe just chilling home along — programming, doing nothing or whatever you wanted to do 😊 But let’s summarize the previous year, how was it for you guys?

Bye bye, 2018

For me the previous year has been quite great — in June I married a woman which I love very much and had many really great moments in my personal life but I guess you are not here to read about that 🙂

The first half of the year was peaceful, I had a steady full-time job which was actually my first company as an iOS Developer and it was really fun and challenging at first but eventually, I had a feeling I have to change something. I did not feel like I had enough opportunities to develop my skills, to grow up as a programmer. I tried to keep up with all news and try new things in my free time but doing something without a bigger reason is kinda… pointless, isn’t it?

And that’s how the idea for creating a blog came up. At first, I started writing just on Medium but quickly decided I want also to have my own website, a blog — Ordinary Coding came to life. I still write both on Medium and on my own website since I do not enough audience on Ordinary Codingyet to reach enough people to make it worth writing. Sadly I did not have enough time, ideas for articles… and I guess I am just not so good and experienced at writing yet to write on daily (weekly? or even monthly!) basis. I have written just a few articles where the first one was published at 1. August.

This year was not just about having a blog, writing tutorials etc. I always wished to have my own application in the store as well — oh well, I actually had one application live on Google Play while still studying but it was just a simple project so I could have something (except university) I could put into my CV. Unpublished the app a long time ago though since I did not feel like I want to develop for Android at that time (and had to pay monthly for a server to keep my backend there). After 3 years as iOS Developer I wanted to try something new — was thinking about native Android since Kotlin became “the thing” as well and it is quite similar to Swift although I wanted to have both Android and iOS app and since I did not have enough free time I eventually looked for cross-platform solution and found out there is such thing as Flutter.

I tried React Native once and I did not really like it, Flutter was different though. I started developing in Flutter when it was still in Beta — was it like 0.7.x I think? I have even contributed to the project by adding some small features I was missing while making my app — nothing big but it was really fun to contribute to such a project which is used daily by a lot of people.

So the only project that went live in 2018 was my app — Watermaniac

I might improve it in the future if there are enough people interested in using that but this project was mostly used to learn a new language — Dart — and the Flutter.

During 2018 I have started working on a few more projects that will be written natively in Swift for iOS but the development is at the early stage so there is no any details to share yet, stay tuned! 😉

Besides that, I contributed to the open source project — Rocket.Chat — which is just an alternative for Slack. I have added few features there, translated app to polish language and hopefully did not introduce too many new bugs 😉 I actually started contributing there at the end of 2017 but did it as well (whenever I was bored) during whole 2018.

There has been one more change in my professional life — I think the most important one — I have changed a job! Was thinking about that for quite some time and finally the company I wanted to join had opened the recruitment for iOS Developer and I gave it a shot. I got hired at November and I have really good time so far. I really enjoy the atmosphere in a new office and people seems to be cool here.

Welcome to 2019!

What are my plans for the new year? Hopefully, I will have more time to write more articles, most likely won’t have time to write each week (52 articles a year) but will do my best to write at least once a month so my goal for 2019 is 12 articles! I can not wait for this year’s WWDC — if Xcode 11 and iOS 13 brings new features there will be more articles for sure, I really enjoy giving new things a shot so will probably write some tutorials for those.

Also as I am working on the new project (in Flutter as well) I also started learning 2d design and animation — 2Dimensions’ Flare seems to be really awesome! Just check out the link below — if I could do something like that the everyone can, it’s really simple!


I am also thinking about getting myself a Sketch (or do it in Adobe XD or Gravit Designer) to prepare proper application design for my app.

Also.. who knows, maybe I’ll finish developing the other apps (native for iOS in Swift) and always wanted to give a try making a game!


Once again I wish you all a happy new year and many successful projects! 🎇🎆🎇